Although Game's bonus cut "Blood of Christ" takes shots at his former G-Unit members, the rapper doesn't sound opposed to a G-Unit reunion, as he says in a new interview.

Game is never one to avoid confrontation, as seen throughout his career. However, in the case of Jay-Z, he says it wasn't really about any "real beef" as it was about a "lyrical war." He reflected on his history with Hov, and contemplated whether the two would ever collaborated on a song, while talking to BET.

"It wasn't that I resented Jay-Z or had any real beef, I just wanted to pick a fight and hear him spit at me and me spit at him and get into a lyrical war. And just being a student of hip-hop and a fan early on I could challenge Jay. And the possibility of a song happening over the years it kinda got tainted, but it's a new day, I'm a new person,a  little bit older, and hopefully one day we'll be able to make that happen." 

In the case of G-Unit and 50 Cent, Game blames Fif's ego. Although "Blood of Christ" might indicate otherwise, the Compton native says he doesn't hold grudges, and so a G-Unit reunion could still be a possibility if the right circumstances arise.A

Game explained to BET, "What 50 gotta do is, he gotta let go of his ego. I don't hold grudges I think I was mad for the time being when we were oing through that, and after that I immediately I graduated to a neutral ground where that coulda happened. But it's 50, man, so once he calms his ego and realizes there still could be a possibility of G-Unit reforming then who knows. But I know you can't put together G-Unit without Game and you cant' do it without 50. 50 can do all the members but if I'm missing it's not complete, and if he's not there, it's not complete."

Check out the full interview clip with Game below.