The Game posted a photo earlier this week on his Instagram of him and Tupac, but it was quickly revealed that the photo was photoshopped.  This brought some backlash from people that thought the Compton rapper was trying to dupe fans into thinking he had met 'Pac before his untimely death. 

Speaking to VladTV, Game says that he never intended to use the photo to trick fans into thinking he had met Shakur, and was merely trying to pay homage to a rapper he considers one of the greatest to ever pick up a mic.

"Despite the fervor, Game asserts to VladTV that the pic was sent to him by a fan and was never an attempt to imply that the two West Coast emcees ever linked up; it was merely a way of showing respect to one of the most legendary rappers to ever hop in the booth."

Click above to see the original photo was that altered with the Game's image.