Just when you thought the racial tension in New York could not get any worse, two NYPD officers were shot and killed in Brooklyn yesterday. The shooter, who allegedly killed his ex girlfriend before targeting the officers, is reported to have been seeking possible "revenge" for Eric Garner and Mike Brown, two black men killed at the hands of police earlier this year.

Game had a few words to share on the news, confusing some fans by posting a photo of the headline reporting the officer's murder with his own caption, “I guess y’all ‘can’t breathe’ either. #RIPEricGarner #AllLivesMatter @ Brighton & Hove, UK. #RIPEricGarner #AllLivesMatter #ShitHasToChange #Now.”

When some commenters found the rapper's words distasteful, he decided to clarify his statement in a second post, revealing that his comment was in direct response to a circulated photo of three smiling officers wearing shirts that read "I Can Breathe" -- a takeoff of Garner's last words. Game explained that he in no way supported the shooting of the two officers, but took the opportunity to voice his feelings on race issues and police brutality in America.

Check out both posts below.