Game is out and about doing promo for his upcoming studio album, Jesus Piece, and he hit up the Rickey Smiley show the other day. During the interview Game discusses a bunch of stuff he has in the pipeline: his wedding nuptials, a reality TV show, an album, and the 40 Glocc lawsuit.

Over the weekend we reported on 40 Glocc filing a lawsuit against Game concerning their beef which broke out a mansion party during the summer. It resulted in Game posting a YouTube video of himself beating up 40 Glocc, which Glocc says has tarnished his reputation and cause physical damage. 

Game responded to the suit, saying, "This dude ran up on Plies, and Jamie Foxx..then he ran up on Lil Wayne in L.A. with about 20-30 goons, then I ran up on him and he just wasn't the same guy. And he's notorious for putting people on WorldStar. So you know, I'm beatin' on him, and half-way through I'm like, 'oh, iPhone!'" 

Game has also taken to Twitter to respond to the 40 Glocc lawsuit, saying, "In other news @40glocc suing me. Should be suing th[a]t bush he drove into #SuWoop."

 The conversation then turned to his marriage, and when the date will be. Who's invited? Everybody except 40 Glocc, Game says. "Right now we smooth, yeah man," he said of his relationship, which had a rocky past. "She gon pick the date and then we rock'n'roll. But I told her, you know, any date."

Finally he also spoke on the controversial cover art for Jesus Piece. He explains the art as follows, "Yeah, you know what the thing about, people been going crazy saying it's blasphemous and it's this and that, but I ain't met nobody here on earth yet that really knows what Jesus looks like, so that's my depiction of what Jesus looks like, wrapped around with things that resemble me, and how I came up, so you know, the red rag is there, the Corvette symbol is down below, the Louis Vuitton glass, it is kinda ratchet though."

If you haven't already seen the art, peep it below.

Jesus Piece drops on December 11th.

Listen to both parts of the interview below, as well (via).

In Pt. 1 he discusses the 40 Glocc lawsuit and his upcoming reality TV Show.


In Pt. 2 he discusses his wedding nuptials, his Jesus Piece album art and more.