The relationship between 50 Cent and his one-time protégé, Game, has always been a contentious one, but the “beef” between the two seemed to have been buried awhile ago.  Fif reignited this rivalry on his latest single, the club-friendly “My Life” which features Eminem and Adam Levine and is sure to get plenty of radio play.  On the track 50 spits “I tried to help them kids get on/ they turned around and spit, right in my face, so Game and Buck can suck a dick.”  Now Game has responded saying he was not in a hurry to re-start this beef, but feels that if the G-Unit honcho continues, then Game will gladly end it. 

While on Power 106 with Big Boy, the Compton rapper was asked about the shot 50 took at him on the new track and he responded, “Ain’t nobody worried about 50, man, let’s just ask the people.” The Jesus Piece rapper adds, “That’s really the best he can do...Buck is in jail, his situation is that he can’t defend himself.”

In a joking mood, Game likens Fifty’s constant shots at him to a zombie that will not die, and makes the metaphor to explain he does not want to fire back with a diss record, but if this continues then he’ll have no choice, “If he keep it up, every now and then you get these zombie movies that no matter how many times you shoot ‘em they just keep on...Imma kill ‘em though.”

Jayceon makes reference to his epic “300 Bars And Runnin’” G-Unit diss freestyle, and says that he has plenty of bars left for 50 and his affiliates.  At first it seemed as though the Cali native was content to ignore the diss, but later appeared eager to drop another diss record.  Game  goes on to say he is not finished with everything he has to say about his one-time label, “The freestyle that killed 300 bars, and I might have to go in and double that up and just really say everything I gotta say.”

On the heels of his Shyne diss “Cough Up A Lung” could we be getting another battle track from Game in the near future?