Game’s Jesus Piece album is ready to hit stores soon, so the Compton rapper is in promo mode, and during one of his recent interviews he recalls a time he battled Kanye West when the two were still up and coming artists.  He tells the story how he and ‘Ye went back and forth, but ultimately Yeezy came out on top. 

Reminiscing on the time when these two heavyweights traded lyrical blows, Game tells the story how after a big party held by Nelly was over, he and Kanye battled, and the contest went on for awhile, but in the end Game admits that the College Dropout rapper got the best of him. 

Talking to VladTV he says, “Before The Documentary came out, Nelly had a party at Niketown, everybody was and Kanye were kinda rookies...I think he just had signed to Roc A Fella...after the party was over we walk into the party structure...and everybody was like ‘yo Kanye, why don’t you battle Game, yo Game why don’t you battle Kanye?’” He adds that although he had a leg up on ‘Ye at first, it was West who was clearly the winner, “Ye rapped first, he spit, it was that old College Dropout Kanye...and I was impressed, I thought he was a producer, I didn’t know he spit...I gave him like 40 bars just rapid fire man, and he came back and he spit like 40 bars...I felt like I won, then Kanye just bumped outta nowhere and started going on how I thought I was the saviour, and he just really started going in...that was one of the only rap battles I lost, I was still on my way up.”

Continuing with his tales about Kanye West, Game tells how the producer actually was on a track for The Documentary that was left off the LP, and Game remembers it fondly because he had Kanye spitting hard West Coast gangsta rhymes.  “We was in Record Plant studio...before I got banned, I was in the backroom, Studio B, working with Kanye...he did this song and it was dope, it was a sample from the movie Jason’s Lyric, and I wrote the hook out for Kanye to say...talkin about gang-banging and what not,” the Cali native adds, “cause you know Kanye ain’t doin that these days...He did the chorus, it was supposed to be on The Documentary, but you know how it is, it didn’t make the cut man.”

You can watch the full interview below, as Game gives more details about working with Kanye in the early years.