Right now, there are thousands of people waiting patiently for the next season of Game of Thrones to premiere in a few weeks and, given the fact that the show is wrapping up after this run, companies are trying to capitalize on the hype train before it runs out. GoT has been one of the most successful shows on television in the last decade, dominating ratings and allowing HBO to keep a stronghold on its competition. The series is coming to a close but you've got a pretty decent chance at scoring some tasty memorabilia before the final episode airs.

If a teaser on Oreo's official Instagram page is any indication, the cookie giant and Game of Thrones will be collaborating on a special box of goodies. A Game of Thrones-themed box of Oreos appears to be on the way according to Elite Daily, with the exact specifics still unknown. For now, a special box is believed to be in production and the release date has not been confirmed. You've got to believe that they'll be pushed out prior to the show's April 14 release date, though.

It's unlikely that the special product will appear as an onscreen prop but for the Game of Thrones collectors out there, this is a good opportunity to load up before the show finishes. Also, this is a pretty perfect snack for your viewing sessions.