50 Cent has, perhaps surprisingly, taken a backseat from the trolling life. The rapper slash mogul has recently expanded his position in the television industry, having lined up a new series on ABC. The show has been revealed to center around the story of Isaac Wright, a New Jersey man wrongfully convicted of Kingpin status. Now, Fif has officially begun unveiling some of the cast on his IG page, including Game Of Thrones actress Indira Varma.

Fans of Game Of Thrones will recognize Varma as Ellaria Sand, lover of the late Oberyn Martell, who found himself smushed by The Mountain in a trial by combat. In the wake of her Oberyn's death, Sand embarked on a bloody path to vengeance against the Lannisters, culminating in a grisly and tragic fate. Joining Varma are Billions actor Glenn Flesher, and Peter Greene, who 50 has alluded to as a "real bad guy," at least where his character is concerned. 

Clearly, Fif isn't playing any games with this one, and it stands to reason that his upcoming ABC series will cement him as a key player in the industry. Varma's got some serious chops, and it should be interesting to see how the G-Unit Films And Televisions produced series plays out. Will you be checking for this one?