In the wake of a truly epic trailer, Game Of Thrones hype has reached an all-time high. As fans speculate on the fates of Westeros and those who fight for the living, many have wondered about the episode runtimes. Reports of "movie-length" installments have previously emerged, leaving many salivating at the thought; after all, we've already seen a few episodes extend past the average length, including Season 7 finale "The Dragon And The Wolf." Now, the upcoming season premiere's runtime has been officially revealed, as reported by EW, the apparent plug for Game Of Thrones exclusives. 

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Image

HBO has updated its schedule to include the first two episodes of season 8, complete with runtimes. The premiere, which launches on April 14th, looks to clock in at fifty-four minutes. The second episode, airing on April 21, will be 58 minutes. Reporter James Hibberd, who frequently writes about Thrones for EW, alludes to an article from back in January. Apparently, an HBO executive claimed that the first two episodes ran for about an hour, while the final four hovered closer to the eighty-minute mark. Should that be true, it would certainly satisfy fans looking to go out with a film-sized bang.