Warning: Spoilers Ahead.

The final episode to Game of Thrones season 8 sparked quite the chatter within social media. We've captured the best fan reactions from the series finale right here. And amidst the endless jokes and commentary, we found a special character at the center of fan thirst. In the final episode, several characters we had not seen in a while, made an appearance. Of these characters was Robin Arryn, also known as "Sweet Robin." You may remember this character from when he was much younger, precisely in season one. Arryn enjoyed cajoling his mother, Catelyn Stark who still breastfed him despite him being far too old for any of it. 

While the latter left a cringe memory of the actor in the minds of fans, Robin Arryn's appearance in the final episode showed he had grown into a good-looking man. The teen's looks sparked the ultimate thirst across social media due to the unexpected transformation. And the former left many wondering if perhaps they judged the powerful benefits of maternal milk a bit too harshly. After all, it did do the boy incredibly good. Lino Faciolo is the Brazilian actor behind the character and is now eighteen years old.