The final season of Game of Thrones is set to touch down next Spring, and many fans are already torn apart. The series has been a staple in HBO entertainment for over seven years. The success of the novels and the show has launched Game of Thrones into the fantasy stratosphere, with a fan base rivaling Star Wars. With that in mind, did you really believe that HBO and series creator George R.R. Martin were going to let such a lucrative title disappear into the sunset forever?

As reported by DeadlineNaomi Watts has been cast as the lead for an origin series in the Game of Thrones universe. The origin show will take place thousands of years before the current television plotline. Fans will get to see the birth of the White Walkers, and the creation of legends and folklore that have been spread by Game of Thrones characters. The Age of Heroes will be explored in depth, and fans will get to see how events actually occurred instead of hearing the passed down, and often overindulged, tales that the present Game of Thrones characters may tell. The show will also explore the Far East, an area that has been briefly touched on throughout the current series. Writer Jane Goldman and George R.R. Martin are working on the script together, and Watts’ character details are being closely guarded.