Last night, winter came on Game Of Thrones by way of the Miguel Sapochnik-directed episode "The Long Night." With the battle for Winterfell complete and the White Walkers bested, the survivors have once again set their sights on their enemies in the South. Now, HBO has shared the preview for the upcoming David Nutter-directed episode, which is set to pop off next Sunday. 

The clip provides little in the way of detail, but it does seem to feature Dany giving an inspiring speech in the Winterfell halls. The surviving Unsullied waste little time in returning to battle formation, while Daenerys sets the table for her next move. "We have won the great war," she says. "Now we will win the last war." As her words ring, they're juxtaposed with shots of Cersei and Euron, Jon, Arya, Sansa, and more. "We'll rip her out root and stem," threatens Dany, her tone steely. The final shot of the preview is a smug-looking Cersei, who is -rather frustratingly I might add- looking powerful at the moment.

The final season of Thrones has reached the halfway point. Sapochnik is tapped for episode 5. Can we expect another battle on hand?