Game of Thrones is so racy that some of the series scenes make their way to pornographic websites. Parts of the general public have criticized the show for its consistent display of nudity and its apparent fondness for sex scenes. One of the show's actresses, Natalie Dormer, defends the content, in response to these dissenting voices. The 36-year-old entertainer shared her thoughts: "Sex and romance is a huge part of human motivation. So long as it's informing the story then I don't see the problem. But I think 'Thrones' is quite good in that way. The violence is quite naturalistic." 

Dormer, who played Margaery Tyrell for 5 seasons of the HBO production, pointed out the aesthetic involved in the sex scenes. In her opinion, the scenes are not gratuitous like some have deemed it: "It's not hyper-stylized," she said. "It's not glamorized. And the sex is quite real and dirty as well. It's about those raw, visceral qualities of human life."

Some of her colleagues have also defended the show's sexual depictions.Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen, also came to the show's defense in the past, saying that she was "really annoyed" about the public's obsession with nudity. "There are so many shows centered around this very true fact that people reproduce," she said. "People f--- for pleasure — it's part of life."