Yesterday a North Carolina court upheld a ruling from 2010 that Game must pay $5 million to five Greensboro police officers because of an incident back in October 2005.

The police officers filed a defamation suit against the rapper in 2006, and the $5 million is to compensate for damages. The officers claim that they were slandered and their identities were wrongfully used in Game's DVD "Stop Snitchin’ Stop Lyin’."

Fox8 reports that the footage from the DVD was captured in 2005 when Game and his entourage went to Four Seasons Mall where he was set to perform. However, mall security asked them to leave because they were causing disturbances. When they would not comply, security called the police, who arrested Game for criminal trespassing.

The policemen say that the film was highly edited to make it seem like Game was wrongfully arrested, and was marketed as showing the full arrest.

Each officer will be awarded the sum of $1 million dollars. On top of this they also claimed $10 million in punitive damages, however the appeals court has decided that a new trial will be set to see if this claim is jusitifed.