We've been hearing from a lot of rappers about their views on the Presidential Election, with the majority of them backing the President Elect, Barack Obama.  California native, Game has been doing more than just simply blasting his followers on Twitter with pro-vote tweets.  The Compton native is in New York and helping people affected by Hurricane Sandy get to the polling stations by offering them money for transit and giving some rides.  

In an interview with Fuse, via HHDX, the rapper says that he has given more than 500 people $20 for them to take the subway to vote, and that he has even picked up would-be voters in his car and drove them to the polls. 

He explains that he already completed his absentee ballot, and since he was not one of the many stuck in long lines waiting to vote, he used his time constructively.  "Well, what I wanted to do was try to encourage people to in New York [to vote]," the Jesus Piece artist explains, "I filed my absentee ballot for Obama, so when I got out here, I wanted to just give 500 people $20 to get on the train [and] we went to some gas stations, picked people up, took 'em to vote and took 'em back." 

Check out the interview below.