Game may soon be running out of flesh real estate if he continues getting tattooed at his current rate. He also seems to be paying homage to just about everybody in tattoo-form as of late. In February the rapper got The Chronic and The Documentary tattoos, and before that, he got his hometown of Compton tatted across his stomach.

His most recent tribute is to President Barack Obama, who's face Game got tattooed on his chest. Well-known tattoo artist, Carlos Macedo, handled the ink for Game. The photo of Barack used to create the tattoo was an official White House portrait, and it landed pretty much in the center of Game's "Hate It Or Love It" tattoo, just above his "Compton" tattoo.

Check out footage of Game getting the tattoo below. 

[Update: Game Plans Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali Tattoos]

Just when it seemed Game's ink addiction had reached its peak, the rapper has planned two more tattoos, which will pay tribute to Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X. The rapper who is know for his name-drop Tourette's on record is taking his heavy-handed referencing to the next level, by covering his body with iconic imagery to the point that his tattoo artist says he's almost out of space.

“I’m working on a portrait of Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X for Game,” said tattoo artist Carlos Macedo, revealing “He wanted the two to interact but he’s running out of room. He has to work with what he has.”

Hopefully we'll see Game calm down on the tattoo front after his new pieces, because we've seen this kind of thing go horribly wrong before.