Game recently spoke to MTV about his next mixtape, California Republic.

"I've got a mixtape coming called California Republic, so everybody from Waka Flocka to Meek Mill, Wale and [Rick] Ross and Drake [will be on it] - just callin' in Hip Hop favors to get my fans some free music," he said. "Basically, it's an umbrella. People come here to do music, a lot of stars are in and out of town for countless awards and what not and everybody appreciates the California sun and everything under it. From the good green, the women, ya know, just our lifestyle. That's pretty much what it's about."

Game also spoke about the possibility of parting ways with Interscope. He's been thinking of going the Independent route, but worried about losing all the help he recieved at Interscope,

"Independent - that seems like a really, really good move where I can capitalize off of all the finances being made off of my music for once," he said. "But, I don't know, I kinda like having a lot of help, a lot of assistance from a big label. I don't know, maybe we'll have a meeting about a lot of money or I'll be talking to my conscience.