Game's upcoming album compilation which will put his Blood Money label signees on display was originally set to be titled Blood Money La Familia, but it looks like Game's had a change of heart and switched the title to Year Of The Wolf.

While on Big Boy's Neighborhood on Power 106 in L.A., the rapper revealed the title change and spoke on why he chose Year Of The Wolf. "People pretty much terrified of wolves, wolves howl and scream and all of that, and I just feel like this year I got a lot to get off my chest. With this album I'm going in on a lot of people, a lot of issues. I got very angry artists that I'm signing. It's just a whole movement," Game said of the wolf reference.

As for who he's signed to Blood Money, Game reveals he's inked a deal for West Coast artists Skeme and Dubb. "I got two new artists as far as rappers are concerned, I signed up Skeme. And if you haven't heard of him you will, Dubb."

Watch the new interview clips below, including one where he speaks on the G-Unit reunion. Year of the Wolf still drops on September 16th.