Last week we profiled N.O. spitter Lil Wayne, but today we're taking a look through the catalog of Chi-Town legend Kanye West.

Kanye West doesn't do small-scale. Many talk of his humble beginnings as the young rapper who said “everybody self-conscious I'm just the first to admit it.”, but fail to mention the fact that he was calling himself a prophet AT THE SAME DAMN TIME. But that's part of Kanye's appeal, as grandiose and big-headed as his ideas become, there is always a fragile and relatable character buried at the centre of them.

Kanye is a talented producer and emcee, but his greatest skill is his visionary approach. Each phase of his career shows him pushing his sound forward, never sitting comfortably with a style for more than one project. That being said, he is a perfectionist at heart, and each of his albums sees him dedicating himself to fully realizing that particular vision. Looking back at his solo and collaborative records, each can be said to have produced its share of imitators, as well as setting certain trends in the rap game.

The recent announcement that there may be a new Yeezy album in the works makes for a good excuse to look back at each of his albums and how they changed the game in one way or another.