Game and T.I. were involved in a shouting match with the L.A.P.D. last night, after a brawl took place outside the club the two rappers were at.

TMZ reports on the story, and apparently "mutual acquaintances" of both Game and Tip were denied entrance to Supperclub, and the two dudes in question began fighting and yelling at the club's security. One member of the entourage eventually threw a punch at a security guard, following which the security guards fought back and beat up the two friends, kicking one in the face while he was already down. 

When T.I. and Game exited the club and saw their guys were beat up, they mistakenly assumed the cops had done it-- and a tense standoff between police and rappers followed.

Both the fight and the standoff was caught on tape, you can check out both clips below. We'll update you as more details on the story arise.

The fight:

The standoff:

[Update: Supperclub Releases Official Statement]

Following Wednesday morning's controversial standoff between the police and Game & Tip, Supperclub management decided to come out and release an official statement surrounding the incident.

And as we promised to keep ya updated, here's what they had to say:

"The events that happened in the parking lot behind Supperclub Los Angeles in the early hours of Wednesday morning are severely disheartening, leaving our company and organization frustrated, and our Hollywood neighbors saddened.

An unfortunate escalation between an angry on--‐looker who was denied entry to Supperclub, and a rogue security officer who took matters too far, led to an untenable altercation which represented the worst in all of us.

Although T.I. and the Game were in the parking lot during this time, they were not directly involved with this incident. Community leader “Big U”, of Developing Options, was in fact, not arrested, contrary to false reports, and had no part in this altercation. The third party security company that was hired for this outside promotional event, is not a part of Supperclub Los Angeles, and will never be booked by Supperclub, or the venue’s outside promotional vendors again.

The owners, management and family of Supperclub vehemently condemn this act, and any act of violence, as it directly contradicts its core philosophies of celebration of the arts, food and culture."