Both Game and 40 Glocc called into Cosmic Kev last night to talk about the fight that went down, which made the news when Game released video footage of himself going after 40 Glocc. Supposedly Game and his entourage attacked 40 while at a mansion party in Los Angeles.

Game called in first (via), "This is the guy who ran up on Weezy with 40 guys pulling out guns, you know? This is the guy who ran up on Plies at Jamie Foxx’s video shoot with 40 guys you know? This is the same guy with five or 10 guys with him at the pool party, I don’t know. They all disappeared, he ended up by himself. That’s how it happens when you’re rolling with suckers."

On accusations from 40 that he brought 25 guys with him who had guns out, Game responded, "I don't know if I'm bringing 25 guys to the Hollywood Hills to a pool party, I dunno about that Kev. I just don't know if that's possible, cause, like, you know, a Hollywood Hills party, there was a lot of girls, a pool, it's just not a gangster party."

"I was with about 5 people, and I can't even say that anybody was from a gang except me." Game explains that he was getting over a flu and he was congested, so he happened to spit a lugi down onto the Hollywood Hills over the balcony, and after doing that he saw 40. Game says he was trying to avoid seeing him, however they ran into each other in the driveway of the mansion and Game hit him after he had been provoked, it seems.

40 Glocc also spoke to Cosmic Kev about the beef, calling Game a fairy and saying it was supposed to be a street issue, but Game made it public.

"Don't go make no footage up like you just punching me and I'm scared of swinging back and all the end of the day the dummy award goes to him, you feel me?"

"I got jumped like three times. It was really, almost four, but I say three, 'cause the other one was them tryna pistol whip me and missing. Any footage that you see with me with my hat off? That's all edited, you know what I'm saying. 'Cause all of it started with guns drawn on me from the back, and I had to dip off and run and they had to chase me all the way down with the pistols, you understand what I'm sayin'?" 40 continued, "Any footage you see and I ain't got no cap on, I already got jumped, you feel me? And they still jumping me!"

You can listen to both interviews below.

Game calls into Cosmic Kev:

40 Glocc calls into Cosmic Kev: