The fact that Game and 40 Glocc really can't get along shouldn't come as a shock to anyone, given that it's been so extensively documented in the past. We haven't heard the two really talk about each other publicly in a while, but Game's ol' Compton nemesis resurfaced, ensuring that the doozy of a week Game's been having gets even worse. 

A little earlier this week, 40 Glocc used Instagram to taunt Game about his wife, Tiffany (remember, Game is currently under scrutiny for allegedly beating the hell out of her). In one of the captions, 40 Glocc wrote, "“JUST PUT YO KIDS TO BED @THEDOCUMENTARY NOW IM IN DA GYM FLAMED THE FUK UP AGAIN CUZZ. N TIFF LOVE IT.”

It's cool 40 Glocc is working out - maybe this time Game won't stomp him out as thoroughly as he did last time. But, 40 Glocc didn't call it a day with some gym selfies and a vague "I-Had-Sex-With-Your-Wife" caption. He, also posted a pic of Game's wife and kids, with a lovely caption reading, "MY NEW BITCH @LOVETIFFNEY N MY BAD AZZ STEP KIDS... SEE YALL WHEN DADDY GET HOME 2NITE. @THEDOCUMENTARY YOU CAN COME GET THESE LIL UGLY MOTHAFUKAS AFTER 8PM... CUZ I DONT WANT THEM TO SEE THEY MOMMA SUKIN MY DIK CUZZ."

Of course, 40 Glocc claimed that his "Insta" was hacked on his twitter, but Game was having none of it, simply instagramming a pic of a Green Light, tagging 40 Glocc. If you don't know, the "Green Light" is often symbolic of putting a "hit" on someone. 

40 responded, of course, with this:

Who knows where this is heading, but do you believe 40 when he says that he wasn't the one to post those inflammatory comments? Hey, if things go south, Glocc could always try suing Game again, although if Game does can hit 40 Glocc half as hard as he allegedly hit the mother of his children, we guess we get it.

On a side note, watch the footage of Game beating up 40 Glocc.