Gabrielle Union has secured the title of 'body goals' for some time and her fitness and hot looking ways are seemingly never-ending. After previously showcasing her fit ways on a Greece vacation with husband Dwayne Wade earlier in the year, the 46-year-old has now returned with a black and white share to her Instagram feed that sees her in a two-piece bikini.

The Bad Boys 2 actress hilariously captioned the image with, "Looking for fux to give 🤷🏾‍♀️😒🤗."

"I've always been in shape, but I try not to be obsessive about it, I'd rather just be healthy. Filming on high-definition will make you a fitness fanatic because you can see literally every little thing on your body. Whether it's bra fat, an armpit bulge, or all those other things that in real life aren't that bad ... on high-definition you're horrified," Gabrielle previously stated when discussing her motivation behind fitness.

"In the past I have said things like "I want that high-cut in my thigh" or "I want six-pack abs." But it's more about using my whole body to just tighten everything. I'm focusing on just not letting it fall, not my ass, not my arms—nothing!"

Keep doing you, Gabrielle.