Dwyane Wade has returned to his hometown of Chicago to play for the Bulls but his wife, Gabrielle Union still has business to take care of in Miami.

Along with Udonis Haslem's wife, Faith, Gabrielle plans to open up a women's sneaker store in South Beach that will reportedly be called "Borrowed From The Boys." 

“Gabrielle Union and I are working on a women’s shoe store,” Faith Rein Haslem told The Coveteur. “It’s in the very early works, but we’re definitely taking steps in planning. Baby steps, but that’s definitely the goal.”

According to Faith, the store will be a concept/sneaker store but with a high-end fashion angle, so it's not like the shop will be promoting the latest Air Jordan releases every weekend.

More details are still being sorted out but the ladies in Miami can look forward to this high-end sneaker shop coming to their area in the near future.