It's hard to believe that retirement is right around the corner for Dwyane Wade, but the Miami Heat point guard has been preparing himself for this moment. Wade and wife Gabrielle Union have recently welcomed a new addition into their family with the birth of their daughter, and the couple, who have been together for 10 years and married for five, recently starred in a new Gatorade Zero campaign together. As Wade's retirement approaches, they sat down with Complex to talk about what it's like for Wade in these last days before he reaches his NBA career's finish line.

"I’ve been going through this process and it’s been some cool moments throughout already," Wade says about how he's processing his forthcoming final game. "Whether it's my last game in Chicago or whether it's playing LeBron [James] the last time in the Staples Center. Or whether it's going to Marquette to have a Dwyane Wade Day. Or playing in the Garden. It's so many moments that's just been so dope and so cool. And I know my last game in Miami is gonna be emotional and all those things. And my last game period. I've been preparing for it. I'm as ready as I can be for it. But I still want to be able to play well. I still want to continue to have those moments where I have those flashbacks."

Union says that she's definitely going to shed some tears when that final game comes, but she's pretty sure she won't be the only one ugly crying. "Your last game is in Brooklyn. And Brooklyn...there is something about Brooklyn, and the way he plays in Barclays," she says. "So in Barclays, they always have so much love for him and it's always so joyous and welcoming to him. So I can't imagine what it will be like for his last game. I'm sure I won't be the only one crying in the stands. Brooklyn has always showed a lot of love to him. I think that we'll all be crying."

Though he doesn't know exactly what he's going to be doing with his new, upcoming time off, don't expect to see him moving into acting. That's Union's lane and he's just fine with that. The husband and wife will, however, continue their playful, competitive games. Note: Wade isn't that great at jump rope, but pretty solid when it comes to yoga. Watch the two of them go head-to-head for Gatorade Zero below.