G-Unit is out on the road promotion their new EP The Beauty Of Independence. Stopping by Connecticut's Hot 9.31, Buck, Banks, Yayo and Kidd Kidd, addressed why their new projects don't have guest features.

“I know a lot of [the love] is not genuine... I think a lot of it really is genuine when it comes from the fans,” Young Buck said. “From the artists, nah, I don’t know. It’s like I didn’t see none of you dudes rooting to try to get G-Unit back together when we were not together.”

Buck generally feels that other artists lack the authenticity to get on a Unit record, refusing to name names, but expressing a general hesitation.

With The Beauty Of Independence in stores now, 50 and company have announced a second EP due to release this October with six brand new records. When asked why the group is putting out EP's in preference to a full-length, Lloyd Banks had this to say:

"You might announce your album in January and it might not drop 'til November... What this is doing is—We don’t like to sit on music and all the music we made, the 40 records, we done that in three weeks. So, it’s not no time to fall in love with it. But we want something out there for the people right now.”

Check out the full interview below. Additional topics include Buck connecting with Remy Ma post-prison, million dollar record deals, and more.

In other G-Unit news, the group was recently announced to appear on the cover of XXL's final physical issue.