Earlier in the week, G-Unit sent shockwaves throughout the internet when they surprised fans with a new EP titled Beauty Of Independence. While it may have only hosted 6 records, the Unit announced on Wednesday that they have about another 50 records in stored for us, and will be using some of them for another EP again. Dope right?

Sitting down with MTV News, Lloyd Banks made the announcement of their 50 songs and upcoming EP, while the rest of the G-Unit, including 50 Cent, sat by his side. They didn’t go into detail about the projects, but knowing Fif and his marketing strategies, I’d bet he follows a similar format as Beauty Of Independence, and just surprises us out of nowhere sometime.

“Right now, we got like over 50 records recorded. The process of picking this EP was just 6 records.” – Lloyd Banks

Aside from the upcoming G-Unit projects, each individual artist is also expected to release solo projects in the future as well. So keep your eyes peeled for a lot more new music to come from not just the Unit, but each individual member respectively.

“From here on out, all you can expect is “good” music” - Young Buck

Watch the brief interview below.


[UPDATE: EP Title Revealed]

Last week, we heard news that G-Unit had over 50 songs recorded and that they were planning on releasing another EP following Beauty Of Independence (see above). Well it turns out that they may have only 38-40 songs actually, but did confirm that they are getting ready to release another EP for the fans.

During a recent interview with the LA Leakers, 50 Cent, alongside the rest of G-Unit, revealed that the follow up to Beauty Of Independence will be called The Beast Is G-Unit. It appears to be the second half of the complete project, and will feature another six records. No word as for when it will it drop, but as said above, he'll probably just surprise us some time soon.

Watch 50 reveal The Beast Is G-Unit early in the talk around the 1:00 mark. He also talks about The Game and how Fif can be a bully to the group sometimes.