We previously posted about the lawsuit J. Cole and Bryson Tiller are in the middle of since producer G-Money has sued both acts and their affiliated labels for using his beat on their songs "Deja Vu" and "Exchange."

G-Money, born Gary Frisby, has now chatted with HipHopDX about the matter, detailing how he first handed his beat over to Drake's former manager, Cortez Bryant, thinking he was entering a deal with OVO to be a producer. G-Money didn't hear back from Cortez for a few months and then his track popped up on YouTube. 

“They solicited the file for Drake and then put the song on YouTube. The exact beat with his tag in it, saying it was a Drake song on a highly branded OVO channel,” G-Money’s manager, Yvonne Lomax told the publication. “Ironically, right before this lawsuit was filed, they remove all of the OVO branding and changed the name of that YouTube channel to something different.”

G-Money posted a video (seen below) on YouTube back in 2016 calling out J. Cole and Bryson but he's only taking legal action now after trying to sort something out with their labels and managers, but not making an official agreement. "We are at the last stand right now, we had to litigate," G-Money said. 

Overall, the producer has no hard feelings towards the artists. 

"I feel like J.Cole is a great, influential person. I think he’s a game-changer in this industry, and I feel the same way about Bryson Tiller," he explained. "I think that they both just got caught up in something that they didn’t really understand, in the process of how the song was made, how it was stolen. No hard feelings toward Bryson and J. Cole."