When G Herbo's son was born a year and a half ago, the Chicago rapper was excited to get him prepped to become the next star of the National Basketball Association. Although Herb's dream for little Yosohn may be for him to run point for the Chicago Bulls, it looks like the toddler has been training for the UFC in his spare time. During a flight to Los Angeles, he sat on G Herbo's lap and didn't stop smacking him in the face. It was all captured on video too.

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

"THIS BOY WAS GIVING ME REAL HELLLLL ON THE FLIGHT & FELL ASLEEP THE LAST 20 MINS AS WE LANDING," wrote Herb on social media. The video shows his son, nicknamed Dada, laying the hands on his pops, slapping him in the face eight times continuously and using all of his might. For real, this kid is not going easy on him. "YOU CAN TELL ON THE LAST VIDEO I WAS GETTING TIRED OF HIM SLAPPING ME. BULL HANDS HEAVY AS SHIT!!! FEW MORE YEARS IMA BE FYINNN ON YO ASS RIGHT BACK DADAAA LOVE YOU."

What's even worse than the slaps is the fact that Dada really tried to head-butt his father with a huge smile on his face. This little boy has got some nerve! Peep the videos below and be sure to check out G Herbo's brand new project Sessions here.