Throughout this year, one of the most viral challenges was the "Who Run It" freestyle, prompted by G Herbo's take on the classic Three 6 Mafia beat during a radio appearance. Gaining him much fame and exposure, nearly every rapper in the game tried their hand at the challenge, with many impressing over the beat. Somewhere along the way, Herbo welcomed a baby boy into the world with his girlfriend Ariana Fletcher and while things looked to be going smoothly in their relationship, the two have definitely hit a rough patch from the sounds of things.

Known as @therealkylesister on Instagram, Fletcher has been dating the Chicago rapper for a few years, giving birth to their son earlier last month. With over 757K followers on Instagram, she has built a platform in her own right and she shared her relationship drama with every last one of her supporters on her story today. While her first two posts were more vague, encouraging her fans to "give up on people who fuck up the love," she called out Herbo in a later upload, writing, "I ain't with none of that shit you rocking with. Do not fucking come around me ever again!!! You a dumb ass b-tch!!!" Before ending her very public break-up, Fletcher concluded, "N---as take 20 steps forward to take 100 steps backwards!" 

While it is unclear what Herbo did to lead his girlfriend to write such a nasty message, it must have been pretty bad. Hopefully, the two can learn to get along to co-parent their son.