This week, G Herbo was arrested after he allegedly put his hands on his ex-girlfriend, leaving her with several scratches. The Chicago rapper has since been released from jail but he's facing battery charges. Ari Fletcher, his former partner and the mother of his son, has spoken out about the incident, saying that he beat the "fuck out of her." While the police's initial report does not exactly match that statement, there definitely was an altercation between both parties. Many have been waiting for Taina Williams, G Herbo's current girlfriend and Fabolous' daughter, to make a statement regarding the battery charges and she appears to have just spoken out about it on her Instagram story.

Now, the message she posted is fairly vague and she may not be speaking about her boyfriend's situation but if she is, she likely just dumped Herb on social media. The social media star posted a short message on her Instagram reading: "I am none of your business." While that could be referring to anything, many view the addition of a "Thank U, Next" sticker to be telling. Ariana Grande's song of the same name is famously about a break-up with her romantic partner. Could Taina be telling the world that she and Herbo are through because of these new allegations against him?

Just a few weeks ago, the two looked inseparable at her birthday party. The status of their relationship is unclear at the moment but some people are reading far into this post and coming away with the conclusion that they're through.