G Herbo's rise in the rap game began earlier this decade. The Chicago rapper began to bubble at the beginning of the drill reign but as he continued to gain prominence, he expanded past the regional sound. His debut album Humble Beast was met with critical acclaim but unfortunately, many seemed to lack interest in his follow-up projects, Swervo and Still Swerving. They weren't bad by any means but as he evolved, his sound strayed away from what made him pop in the first place. 

It looks like G Herbo might be preparing a brand new project but the rapper's next project might find him back in the Lil Herb mentality. The rapper teased a remix to Casanova and Fabolous' song, "So Brooklyn." G Herbo takes it back to the streets of Chicago as he fiercely attacks the beat with tales of his come-up. It's a strong reminder as to why G Herbo is one of the hardest in the game and why his voice is necessary to the landscape of hip-hop. 

A few people pointed out that the new song preview sounds like when he rapped as Lil Herb. The anticipation for his next project is definitely real. However, Young Thug slid in the comments to tell G Herbo to slow his roll as he'd like to maintain the top spot on the Billboard charts for a bit longer. 

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