Adam Grandmaison, more famously known as Adam 22, recently sat down with G Herbo on his No Jumper podcast. Herbo, who has been busy blessing fans with new music, candidly touched on a number of topics. The culture of druggie rappers is stronger than ever, but Herbo revealed that he sticks to weed now. While lighting a blunt, Herbo explains why he quit drinking lean.

"I ain't been fuckin' with the lean," Herbo admitted. "I just slowed down. Just wanted to try something different really. I did that. I wasn't one of those people who was on the lean 'cause it was cool. I wasn't a wave lean sipper, like I really had ten years in." Adam 22 then asks Herbo how he believes artists can make killing less cool in hip-hop culture. 

"We can make it less cool by creating more opportunities," Herbo began. "There's certain people who don't have a choice but to kill. Certain people who don't have a choice but to kill, but to survive. You can't judge those people. But there's certain people who think killing is cool. Through rap music, and that kind of shit. You gotta create more opportunities for the people who don't have a choice but to kill. Create opportunities for them, so they can provide and take care of they family." Check out the full interview below.