In the wake of dropping his underrated Humble Beast album, G Herbo has been killing it on the press circuit. The young Chicago rapper hit up Everyday Struggle for a chat with Akademiks, Joe Budden, and Nadeska, before hitting up The Breakfast Club for an in depth interview. With Envy off chilling in South Africa, Herbo opened up to Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee about a variety of topics, including the current influence and state of Chicago hip-hop. What's really striking is how down to earth Herbo is, and the rapper stresses the importance of staying as humble as possible. 

There's an interesting moment when Charlamagne asks Herbo "how much of that street beast do you need in the music? You're from Chicago, you're trying to survive for real." Herbo replies "you need all of it cause the music industry just as dirty as the streets's just as grimy but you can't do the same thing you can do in the it's worse actually." 

The conversation quickly turns to the dynamic between youth and police, with Charlamagne claiming that the encounters place the cops at a notable, and sometimes unfair advantage. When Angela asks Herbo what he feels young black men can do when stopped by police officers, Herbo once again stresses the importance of humility. Although he explains that power tripping police can be difficult to deal with, he encourages that people employ "self control, and discipline. That's another part of being humble. If there's certain situations where you don't got the upper hand, it's cool to just roll over and give that person the upper hand...It's cool to lose the battle, as long as you win the war." 

Herbo goes on to discuss his own recent experience being pulled over, along with many other interesting topics. Be sure to check out the interview in full, and support Humble Beast, out now on all major retailers.