Traveling with weed on you isn't advised but some take the risk. It's understandable. There are really only two countries in the world that have legalized cannabis and depending on where you are, you might not even be able to find someone who sells it. G Herbo, unfortunately, took the risk and got finessed. The rapper hit the 'Gram earlier today where he documented the aftermath of bribing police in Mexico so he wouldn't get locked up for two oz.

"10 minutes into the trip, soon as I land, these bitches just went in all my shit and just found two zips," he said before revealing that they started to threaten him with jail time. "'Aye, you 'bout to go to jail, boy. How much money you got on you?' No cap, I just gave him $2000, all American so that's really $20,000 out here. And they just finessed the fuck out of me. They said, 'Oh, yeah?' They told me they found Taina weed pen."

Turns out, G Herbo wasn't the only one who got finessed. He turned to his security who said they coughed up another $2000. "They took all my weed. I'm mad as hell. I'm finna get so damn drunk this trip, now. They took the doink," he continued.

In a video uploaded later, the rapper was visibly upset that he no longer had any weed on him. As Taina tried to comfort him, G Herbo had the face of a frustrated 4-year-old who just got their favorite toy taken away.

"Aye bro. You know, they took a lot of weed from me at the airport... They took it. [I'm] stressed out," he continued. Though it appeared he wasn't completely empty-handed as he had another weed pen in the stash.