G Herbo excited fans of Chicago rap when he confirmed he and Chief Keef would be dropping a collaboration Friday. "ME& MY N***AA ALMIGGHHH DONT LIKE NOBODDYY GOT SUM 4 YOU BITCHES," he wrote on Instagram, sharing a photo of Keef. He tagged the post "GLOLIMMM," a combination of Keef's Glo Gang and his own No Limit movement. Keef replied in the comments "GLOLIMIT COD."

Herb did not specify whether this particular collaboration was a song or a project, but many fans have already assumed a joint tape is on the way. There's also been speculation that this hypothetical project is called Glo Limit, but so far, all we have is this one Instagram post to go on.

Earlier this year, Kollege Kid reported on Keef and Herbo hitting the studio together.

Herb and Keef both had big years in 2017. Herbo released his long-awaited debut album Humble Beast, which stands as one of the best projects of that year. Keef, meanwhile, put out Two Zero One Seven, Thot Breaker, The W, Cook Sosa, and Dedication between January and December. Thot Breaker made our year-end list, and Dedication, which arrived at the tail end of 2017, is just as strong.

Herb confirmed that he and frequent collaborator Lil Bibby will be releasing their anticipated joint project as well. "It's just a matter of us, lockin' in, gettin' in the same place, bro. We always in different places. Like right now, he in Chicago, I'm in out here. When I'm in Chicago, he might be in New York, L.A. or some shit," he said. "We don't wanna put a mixtape out because our fans been waiting, so we gon' drop a album. A real LP No Limitations."