Tim Westwood, for all his eccentricities, remains one of hip-hop's beloved personalities. As one of the few who might yield bars out of any given rapper, Westwood has become somewhat of staple overseas drawing many artists into his studio for a session. The latest was Chicago rapper G Herbo, who once set a viral challenge with his briefly iconic "Who Run It" freestyle. Now, the rapper stepped up to Westwood's challenge, taking to a stadium-friendly instrumental from Pinero Beats. 

Image via HNHH

For the opening section, Herbo keeps the mask on, opening his freestyle with some interesting flexes."I get pussy off my son's features/Your bitch probably 20 something times his age and can't wait to meet him," he raps, promising the Herbo line will continue. "She gon' bow down to a king when she see him/It's always meaner in the sequel."

As the beat kicks in, Herbo opts for "Mask Off," bringing a new dose of energy. "When I bought my first gun I went and flamed up some shit," he reflects, a walk down memory lane. "Next day I went to school they say my name in that bitch, n***as walking up to me like you dangerous and shit." 

Check out the entire freestyle below, and respect to both Herbo and Tim Westwood for this one.