Avengers: Endgame has finally hit theatres, shattering box office records while they're at it. It seems like the majority of the world is currently invested in catching the film during the opening weekend but one person you shouldn't expect to be lining up to catch the flick is G Herbo. The rapper took to social media to denounce the incredibly successful film franchise.

G Herbo won't watch Avengers, or at least probably not anytime soon. Taking to Instagram, the rapper shared his incredibly hot-take of the film.

"Y'all Avengers shit up, bro," Herb said to someone who isn't seen in the clip. "I ain't heard 'bout none of that. That shit for like lame-nerds."

Herbo continued to explain that he's a huge fan of movies but he claims that no one he knows has ever recommended that he watch it. 

"All the gangster shit, all the year 2000 shit, I be on it, bro. Everyone that know me know I'm a movie-head," Herbo said. "Nobody ever told me to go watch Avengers, Endgame, none of that sh*t, bro. If I'm tweaking let me know. I ain't trying to see that shit."

We're sure there are plenty of fans of his that will inform him that he is definitely tweaking. Only time will tell if he'll ever catch up with the Avengers flicks.