G Herbo cannot believe how gorgeous his girl is, and he made sure to let everybody know on his latest post on Instagram. Herbo shared a series of photos of himself and his girlfriend and Fabolous's stepdaughter, Taina Williams, posing in a restaurant possibly from New Year's Eve. Taina looks absolutely stunning in her lowcut black dress, so much so that Herbo disregarded the need for captions.


"🤯🤯LOL FUCK THE CAPTION MAN," he wrote, though immediately contradicting himself by continuing with, "SHE FINE AS FUCK I SAW HER IN THE RESTAURANT & I JUST WANTED TO TAKE A PICTURE 😂😭❤️❤️👅 @latainax3." This time of year is clearly very special for the couple, which Taina emphasized in her own Instagram post on Wednesday. She shared some photos of her and Herbo from their New Year's celebrations this year, followed by a shot of them from January 1st, 2019, the day they officially confirmed their relationship


Taina wrote in the caption, "Happy New Year ✨ 'new year to me is all about finding new ways & new reasons to love you' too many more with you 🥰 @nolimitherbo #issatradition." These two are clearly very in love and excited to celebrate a year together. Here's to these lovebirds making it to another New Year's Day.