With the Southside-assisted Swervo dropping at midnight tonight, G Herbo has been hitting the circuit in an effort to kick up dust. Naturally, those blessed with a lyrical inclination tend to find themselves drawn to Funk Flex, like a wayward soul following a will o' the wisp. Herbo inevitably found himself seated alongside the radio host, who opted not to proceed with his usual preface; perhaps there's simply an understanding that yes, G Herbo will come with the bars. Case in point, Herbo seems poised from the jump, catching the instrumental with a "free Kodak" for good measure. 

He proceeds to kick a double time flow, which seems to elude him at times; luckily, Herbo catches himself adequately, though it may have befitted him to prepare a little bit more. Still, you've gotta respect his boldness in delivering a rapid fire verse in the first place, and the lapses are hardly egregious. It's always entertaining to hear Herbo reflect on his situation, and he continues to deliver the real-world content that garnered him a following in the first place.

Should you be looking for more Herbo, you won't have to wait much longer. Swervo is coming within a few hours, and you can bet that he'll be more refined on that one. Peace to G Herbo and Southside; catch up on their essentials here.