Last year, G Herbo was teasing fans about a forthcoming project titled PTSD. When he announced a North American tour of the same name at the beginning of December, it seemed the project's release was imminent. The Chicago rapper did drop an album at the tail-end of the month, but it was given a different name: Sessions. For nine tracks, Herbo spills out gut-wrenching bars about the lasting scars of street life. "MY ALBUM IS GOING TO SHED LIGHT ON THE THINGS THAT ME AND MY BROTHERS EXPERIENCE EVERY DAY," Herbo tweeted before it dropped. "THIS IS GOING TO BE THE REALEST ALBUM IVE EVER DROPPED AND IMA TELL IT LIKE IT IS."

Turns out, PTSD was not scrapped, just postponed. G Herbo has announced that the album will be released on February 28. He also shared the cover art, which shows him holding up a US flag punctured with bloody bullet holes and with the stars substituted with the faces of his fallen friends. This news was accompanied by the album's first single, "In This Bitch." While PTSD's title and cover suggest that this will be another album filled with heavy themes, "In This Bitch" consists of aggressive flexing.