G Herbo & Southside Celebrate Their Partnership In "Pac N Dre" Video

Devin Ch
August 22, 2018 12:47

Do Southside and G Herbo stand up to "Pac n Dre?"

"Pac n Dre," a standout from G Herbo and Southside collaborative project Swervo, is the latest song to receive the quote-unquote visual agenda. The video commences like a motion picture with a graphic overlay introducing the production team for the video/record, itself an indication of quality measured in cinematography.

In the last year or so, G Herbo has really emerged from his mid card status to become a big budget performer. 2018 has been generous to G Herbo, for he and his partner welcomed their first child, whom he deployed on social media as a promotional gimmick for his new album, many believe to be his most cohesive and ambitious project thus far. Unfortunately the oversized bebe does not appear in "Pac n Dre," much to our dismay.

In "Pac n Dre," G Herbo and Southside pull up to the valet semicircle with expensive toys, Southside in his matching Toronto Raptors paraphernalia from their inaugural seasons. By the 3-minute mark, Southside grows impatient after waiting in queue, pouring lean into an opaque "Smart Water" bottle, in plain sight of general bystanders.

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