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G-Eazy's Girlfriend Halsey Caught Snorting "Unknown Substance"

  Jan 03, 2018 15:10
The paparazzi snapped Halsey at the wrong moment.

Even though G-Eazy and his girlfriend Halsey have both rapped and sang about doing "drugs together," seeing a photo of it has been a whole other take for fans.

G is set to go on tour next month for his latest album The Beautiful & Damned with Trippie Redd by his side. Before he takes off, he's seemingly looking to spend as much quality time with his girl as they recently chartered a yacht in Miami with some friends on board. 

There's one photo, in particular, that's been making its rounds on the web of Halsey preparing to snort a substance. 

Although it's easy to assume what she's going in on, there's a mixture of opinions floating around the Twitterverse where some wonder why anyone's surprised, while others say it's "sad."

What do you guys think?

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top comment
- Jan 3, 2018

Geazy's girl looks like she was made in the average looking girl that snorts unknown substances factory.

Alex Jones [Post-Ban]
- Jan 5, 2018

Girl has no tits whatsoever. Makes me appreciate Mrs. Jones a little more!

- Jan 10, 2018

You and I both know you couldn't even get with her fat, ugly friends even if you tried your best.

Q Mateen
- Jan 5, 2018

Dat bitch on dat booger sugar

Name Less
- Jan 5, 2018

Young generation has a lotta catching up to do

- Jan 4, 2018

snorting on that shitty song money

Say Ye' Say Ye'
- Jan 4, 2018

G eazy been a coke head lol made sense when i seen them together lol this is old news.

Kendall Taylor
- Jan 15, 2018

my homegirl did coke with him once and said he only fucks blondes

- Jan 4, 2018

The only people who are shocked when someone does coke is either a child or has never been to a party or club.

Chuka Charms
- Jan 4, 2018

Coke is lame as fuck

- Jan 4, 2018

"I don't smoke I don't sip! I do Coke and that's it! God damn that bitch lit! "

- Jan 4, 2018

Coke's a hollywood drug, niggas bugging over this shit meanwhile their celebrity idol is probably doing, or has done it too.

Kevin Gates
- Jan 4, 2018

G eazy raps about doing coke with bitches almost every song and when people see him out with it,people trip out. dumb as fuck

G-Eazy Logic Eminem and Mac miller are all the same person.

- Jan 4, 2018

you and trashman are the same person

@DrizzyTheGoat : you got with niggas on a hip hop site

- Jan 4, 2018

She fell in love with the thin white lines 🎶

Qita Day
- Jan 3, 2018

Lol "UNKNOWN" well it could be a plethra of things; coke, heroine, pills etc so I guess but she sings about coke so it's fair to guess that's what that is but anyway to each it's own but damn go in the bathroom or something WTF

- Jan 3, 2018

They look like rich trailer trash

Does anybody have some of that powder Halsey is snorting? I promise ill make it worth your while

- Jan 3, 2018

Drugs make u do stupid shit

tainty b
- Jan 3, 2018

She look like she does drugs. But G Eazy and Trippie Redd for the tour is an odd ass combination. I like both but dont see where the vibe is

Marcy Hood
- Jan 3, 2018

Unknown? Nobody snorts milk powder or sugar. Tf you mean by unknown

- Jan 3, 2018

How is this a big deal she is a musician and we know white girls love cocaine. Who gives a shit bruh.

- Jan 3, 2018

Unknown substance? Like we don’t know people snort coke

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