G-Eazy is in album mode, as evidenced by the release of his two singles "Provide" with Chris Brown and the recent "A Little More." And with his new project set to arrive in the imminent future, G-Eazy took a moment to chop it up with Elliott Wilson for an extensive conversation, speaking on his experiences collaborating with both Breezy and Weezy alike. 

Lil Wayne G-Eazy

Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

After revealing that Chris Brown was one of the first major artists to co-sign him, G-Eazy praises the multi-talented singer's humility and willingness to show love to his peers. "We've had some heart-to-hearts about music," explains G-Eazy. "It's an unusual life, living as an artist. The touring, the go-go-go, people being in your business. The highs and lows. It's something only certain people can understand." 

G-Eazy also makes sure to give props to Lil Wayne, who is set to appear on his upcoming album. "It's the record I have with Lil Wayne," teases the rapper. "It's so significant to me because Carter 3 and the whole mixtape era that came prior to that, the ascension of Wayne, hits particularly hard to me. As such a fan in those years of my life, 2005-2007, that's when I was coming of age, beginning to find my voice in hip-hop. And he was on top of everything, he was on the top of his game. And I moved to New Orleans in 2007."

"Fast forward a few years, I was managed by Tez, and my first big tour I got taken on was with Lil Wayne," he continues. "To bringing him out at Coachella and putting him on his first Coachella stage -- he never played Coachella yet. Getting to be that guy who brought out Lil Wayne...It's one of those things, like being able to spar with your hero. And it's a real hip-hop record." 

Check out the full interview below, and sound off if you're intrigued to see G-Eazy and Lil Wayne going head-to-head on wax.