Guns and hip-hop used to be so tight. From Sticky Fingaz' "My Dogs Iz My Guns," to Dr. Dre's "Bang Bang," to G-Unit's "My Buddy," the gun ballad has proven itself a tried and true rap staple. Yet as time goes on, the public perception surrounding guns has taken a negative. Countless shooting-related atrocities have led to an awakening of sorts, and many have begun to openly decry America's gun laws. The recent tragedy at Parkland's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School still resonates, and the courageous survivors have used their voices as a catalyst for change. In an attempt to unite those in favor of stricter gun laws, the March for Our Lives rally will be held on March 24th, in Washington D.C.

An anti-violence concert will take place one day prior, on the 23rd. The Beautiful & Damned rapper G-Eazy has been selected to headline the event, with all benefits going to both Giffords and Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund. G-Eazy will be joined by Lizzo and BeBe Rexha, as well as several survivors from the Parkland shooting, as well as Parkland alumni. As far as we know, G-Eazy has never come through with any tracks overtly celebrating firearm usage, so that makes him unique as far as rappers are concerned.

Either way, it's a noble cause for Gerald, who is no stranger to taking a stand for social justice. The rapper recently severed all ties with H&M following a racially insensitive marketing gaffe, a decision he described as "a very easy decision."