G-Eazy, we hardly knew ye. Known affectionately as "The Bay Area Greaser," G-Eazy has developed a reputation as a character of style and panache, capable of wooing ladies, partying with fraternity brothers, and even dropping bangers for the streets. Having now cultivated an image of the rapper with a rockstar's tortured spirit, it's difficult to picture Young Gerald as anything other than a leather-clad "bad boy." And yet, the man is only human. Thus, his archive is lined with no shortage of cringe-worthy pictures from the past, including this recently-surfaced gem. 

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Behold, courtesy of TheShadeRoom, an image of G-Eazy like you've never seen him before. Captured rocking the rare "Chino XL Braids" (though none of his unyielding lyrical prowess), G-Eazy's once-sported hairstyle has led to no shortage of jokes at his expense. Though the look was well suited for the underground lyricist Chino, G-Eazy's variation left much to be desired. Case in point, the roasts. One Instagram user likened him to a member of a ''WNBA Team," while another draws a comparison to a Flavors Of Love candidate. 

Of course, all jokes have been made in good fun, as G-Eazy has established himself as a modern-day dapper and debonnaire individual. And yet, as often occurs with the arrival Blunder Years-type photos, anybody can and will catch the roast. How do you feel about Young Gerald's unlockable hairstyle?