A bad breakup can leave a sour taste in one's mouth, especially one as widely publicized as that of G-Eazy and Halsey. Though "Him And I" painted a picture of a fairy-tale, yet slightly whirlwind romance (a mild variant on hip-hop's favorite Bonnie & Clyde trope), the once happy couple ultimately came to an unceremonious end. Since then, the pair have been keeping a distance, though every so often a subtle jab will bring their names together. On that note, Page Six has reported a surprisingly in-depth analysis of Young Gerald's recent night out, which found the Bay Area rapper hitting New York's Playboy Club. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

While it's admittedly in poor taste to kick a grieving ex-lover while their down, all signs point to G-Eazy enjoying a full-blown bounceback season. The "West Coast" rapper was enjoying the evening in his own fashion, when the DJ decided to come through with a faux-pas. To be specific, the DJ added Halsey's "Bad At Love" to the playlist, prompting a visceral response from G-Eazy. As Page Six tells it, the man proceeded to start booing, an age-old tradition pioneered by hooligans and critics since the dawn of time. 

It's unclear whether the DJ heard wind of the boos amidst the blaring Halsey, but as with so many things in life, it's the thought that counts. Doesn't seem like G-Eazy looking back on this one with fondness, does it?