G-Eazy recently sat down with the folks at Pitchfork for their most recent episode of "Over/Under." The Bay Area rapper reveals his position on Taco Bell, why he thinks parents should stick to Facebook as well as adding his two cents on breakfast burgers and why they shouldn't be allowed in the breakfast world.

While on Over/Under, the Bay Area rapper took a moment to address parents on Instagram. He believes there's a place for them in the world of social media just not on Instagram.

"Parents on Instagram... that's just uhh... that's a bad idea. It's overrated. Instagram is for, you know, girls in bikinis and like hamburgers. Parents should just stay on Facebook probably. I think they're the main user base of Facebook. I don't know who else is on there. They say people still use it. I imagine it's parents and grandparents and you know, uncles and aunties and you know... Instagram is not for you," he said.

He also revealed his appreciation for Taco Bell. While he admits Taco Bell isn't necessarily the highest quality of fast food, it's still pretty "smackin'."

 "Taco Bell's up there in the fast food world. It's upper echelon, it's not like cream of the crop, it's not like Cane's," he said, "It's far better drunk. That's really the differentiator. You know, if you're completely sober and you're just like 'What do you want to get for lunch? Let's get some Taco Bell!' I be like 'The fuck? We have so many options. Really?' But if you're drunk, you're like 'fuck yeah.'"

Aside from Taco Bell, he also rated breakfast burgers. While he considers himself a breakfast burrito enthusiast, he believes breakfast burgers are stealing the attention from breakfast burritos.

"That's taken the shine away from breakfast burritos. They kind of reign surpreme in the world of breakfast," he said, "I could probably eat a breakfast burrito for breakfast, lunch and dinner atleast six days a week and probably switch it up on the seventh."

He also rates day clubbing, Pennywise the clown and more on the latest episode of "Over/Under."