Larry King has been welcoming more and more rappers to his show, and this week, it was Bay Area emcee G-Eazy who took the hot seat. With "Me, Myself & I" becoming a successful radio song, Eazy is bigger than ever, but he still remembers his humble beginnings of pushing his music the old fashioned way. “It’s definitely been a long, long…. long, long, long, long, long journey since I was selling burnt CD’s out of my backpack in downtown Oakland,” he told King. “Um, but you appreciate it more, you know? Sometimes the longer it takes, you hope it lasts longer. I mean, it’s been a process. It’s been a long time.”

Eazy was later asked who the best rapper in the game is right now, answering with no hesitation: "Drake". As for the most underrated artist, after some deliberation, he settled on Vince Staples, who he said put out his favorite project of last year.

The rapper also shared some thoughts on the process of writing a hit. “You feel it, you know?” he said. “If music makes you feel something… there is this whole thing- there is no formula or guaranteed cheat code. There are certain things you can do, but music has to give you a feeling. You know, it has an intangible magic and that’s the special part about it. You either feel it or not and know if it’s a hit or if it’s just not a hit.”

Watch a clip of the interview below and the full conversation here.