G-Eazy is putting his focus toward giving back to his community. The rapper has announced the launch of his new philanthropic endeavor called Endless Summer Fund. The initiative will focus on helping the under-served youth starting with his hometown of San Francisco with a focus on LGBTQ youth, homelessness, education, and mental illness. Funds will also be raised for hand-picked non-profit organizations across the U.S., the first being Larkin Street Youth Services, the largest homeless youth drop-in center in San Francisco. 

An event for the launch was held last Friday, July 27,  at Larkin Street Youth Services where G-Eazy in collaboration with Puma, donated $50,000 to the organization with a hand-delivered check along with a donation of products by Puma. 

The entertainer is clear about the motives surrounding his charitable actions in a press release.

"The Bay Area raised me and made me everything I am, so it means a lot to me to be able to come home and give back. And although it's one of the most beautiful and popular places to live in in the country, there are still around 1,300 homeless kids sleeping outside every night. Larkin st is one of the oldest and biggest homeless youth centers in the region, so it means everything to be able to help these kids by donating resources."

The young community members were excited about the entertainer's genuine interest in helping them. His presence alone was inspiring to man. Alex Segers, a Larkin Street youth, expressed his appreciation for the artist saying that" It's really motivating and inspiring to know that someone with his success would take time out of their day to come visit us."

Ezekiel Addison echoed this sentiment:" I listen to his music all the time and so to finally meet him was kind of unreal. His music has helped me get through hard times in life and I just never thought I would meet him."